Online Casino Withdraw

Now that you have won playing your favorite slots or blackjack game, it is time to get your cash.  There are several fast ways to get paid.  The methods available depend on your country of residence.


For players in most countries outside the U.S., ewallets are the most convenient way to withdraw from an online casino.  Popular ewallets include Neteller, Skrill, Click2Pay, PaySafeCard, ClickandBuy and Paypal.

Players that would like to move winnings from one casino to another will find ewallets to be by far the best choice.  That is because most sites process ewallet payments in less than one day.  This money can be quickly moved to a different casino or poker site to claim that next bonus or promotion.

Players that need the cash will also discover ewallets to be a great choice.  Ewallets provide several options to get paid.  Many provide a debit card that may be used anywhere credit cards are accepted.  This includes ATM machines.  Many will mail a check or send an electronic funds transfer directly to a player’s bank account.

Most withdrawal options offered by ewallets have a small fee.  Make sure to check the site’s fee disclosure before requesting a withdrawal.  It may be cheaper to have the casino site mail a check if you are willing to wait one week or so for it to arrive.


Most gaming sites will cut a check for free.  Some limit free checks to one per month.  Checks may be initiated directly in the casino site’s cashier page.  Checks are available at most U.S.-facing online casinos.  Check limits are usually $3,000.

Bank Wire

Large winners may need to receive a bank wire.  These are sent directly to a player’s bank account.  There is usually a $25 fee for both the sender and receiver’s bank.  Bank wires are often available for U.S. players.

Electronic Checks

Players outside the U.S. may often receive an electronic check for payment.  These are usually free and processed in just a few days.

Western Union

Players in the U.S. will often get paid via Western Union.  A player is given the sender’s name and location.  He must them go to a Western Union office to pick up the cash.  A form must be filled out with the sender and receiver’s information.

Western Union also offers a debit card that may be used at ATM machines.  Western Union transfers are often processed in just a day or two.  One drawback is that the fees on Western Union withdrawals can be over 10% of the withdrawal.


MoneyGram works just like Western Union and is an option for U.S. players.  One advantage is that MoneyGram fees are typically lower than Western Union.  Unfortunately, the limits are typically lower as well.

Debit Cards

Some U.S. sites offer a debit card.  It is mailed to players upon request for a small fee.  Debit cards come with a Visa or Mastercard logo on it.  Debit cards may be used anywhere that major credit cards are accepted.  Cash may also be withdrawn from ATM machines with the card.

Alternative U.S. Withdrawal Options

Some U.S. online casinos will have in-house alternatives to pay players.  These may include mailing an international money order or prepaid gift card.  Make sure to contact the site when withdrawing to see if there are any private options available.