Jackpots Heaven

Jackpots Heaven was a licensee of Salus Technologies.  This unknown software platform seemingly took many of its games from competing online casino companies.  Players discovered that many slots and related graphics were taken from Real Time Gaming and Microgaming slot games.  In some instances, the titles of the games were not even changed.

The software was not the only thing stolen from other online casinos.  Jackpots Heaven’s terms and conditions were copied word for word from Casino Riva.  The only differences were the changing of the name Casino Riva to Jackpots Heaven and the altering of the licensing information.

Jackpots Heaven promoted itself as having been licensed by the Costa Rican Lotteries and Gaming Authority.  The problem is that no such licensing body exists.  There is one in Malta, which is where Casino Riva was licensed, so presumably Jackpots Heaven just changed the name of the country.  Not only is there no Lotteries and Gaming Authority in Costa Rica, there is no online gaming commission at all located there.

The discovery of this little known casino’s activity stemmed from a complaint from a player that alleged the baccarat game was not dealt fairly.  The accuser played 103 hands.  He lost 65 of them.  The chances of this happening are about 1 in 45,455.  This accusation was not taken seriously by some due to the small sample size.  On the other hand, it was enough for players and watchdogs to dig deeper into the company.

Jackpots Heaven denied all of the allegations.  It blamed a rogue freelancer for the stolen terms and conditions.  This is disturbing as an online casino’s terms and conditions should be written in house by the site’s management.  It should also be reviewed by a lawyer and approved by the licensing body.  A site that is too lazy or incompetent to write its own terms and conditions cannot be taken seriously.

The casino took exception to the accusations of spreading a rigged baccarat game.  It accused the player of defamation.

Jackpots Heaven started sending threatening emails to online gaming portals.  The emails, containing typographical errors, alluded to potential legal action.  These contacts were sent to affiliates that spread the word about the casino and players that complained.  Jackpots Heaven never took any legal action against its critics.

A representative decided to make a YouTube video to try and clean up its reputation.  The video was nonsensical and became a joke in the online casino industry.  This was the last attempt by the company to try and clear its name.

Jackpots Heaven went out of business in 2012.  It has not been missed by anybody.