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Safest Casino Sites was developed by experienced online casino players. We have taken the time to play at each casino that we offer. We know the strongest and worst features at each of them. We have compiled this information into our casino reviews to help you decide for yourself which is best suited to your needs.

Our reviews go into detail about all of the games offered. This will help you decide if the game selection is what you are looking for in a casino site. We go over every promotion spread by that casino site. Some promotions are specific by days. This is especially important for you if you have a certain time of the week that is your favorite night to play.

We break down every deposit bonus based on how it is cleared and what games are allowed. There is nothing worse than depositing for a bonus and finding out that your favorite game is excluded from the terms and conditions of the offer. We help you avoid that mistake.

Safest Casino Sites explains what we like most about each site. If an aspect that we describe as a positive is mandatory to you then you know that site is the best choice.

You know you can trust Safest Casino Sites because we also share what we do not like. Maybe something that we do not like is not important to you. This is why we go into so much detail within our reviews. No two casino sites are the same, just like no two casino players are.

Safest Casino Sites even dives into territory most review sites refuse to venture. We tell you about scandals that affect the reliability of an online casino. This may include refusing to pay players or changing the terms and conditions of a bonus retroactively. Some sites have a maximum weekly withdrawal limit. Some of these sites only let you win $500 per week! We tell you which ones so that you can avoid them.

Safest Casino Sites’ Top 3 Online Casinos


Bovada is our favorite online casino. It uses a hybrid of software platforms. Most of the games are through Real Time Gaming, though a few are exclusive to Bovada. The reason we like Bovada so much is that its odds are some of the highest in the online casino world. This gives you a better chance of winning and means you will play longer off each deposit. There are also some fun games that you will not find anywhere else.

Bovada also specializes in quick payments. Players can receive a withdrawal in just a day or two through cash transfers. One check is issued free each month and typically arrives in less than a week. There are also no win limits.


Inetbet is another favorite of ours. It uses Real Time Gaming software. This is one of the fastest and most enjoyable platforms available to U.S. players. Emily Hanson has been the casino’s manager for over a decade. She is always there for players if there is ever an issue. Inetbet receives praise from players and industry members year after year.

Inetbet has several deposit options that are available to U.S. players. It also pays winnings in less than a week in most cases.

BetOnline Casino

BetOnline has become one of our recent favorites. It uses Rival software. Unlike other groups that use Rival, BetOnline has its own player support center. This means that players can enjoy the great platform without dealing with a central support system that has been known to be a problem at other sites.

BetOnline has a very high credit card acceptance rate and is one of the few sites that accept American Express. Payouts are made in just a day or two by cash transfer and a week or two by check.

Casino Reviews