Heroes Casino

Heroes Casino was an online casino that also offered a sports book.  It enticed players with generous bonuses, which is always a sign of a problem.  One player took Heroes Casino up on their offer.  He deposited $200 and ran it up to $34,729, according to a thread he started at Casinomeister.

Heroes Casino demanded the player submit to a document check.  In the meantime, his request was reversed.  The player went on to run the balance up to almost $39,000.  Heroes Casino claimed it felt there was irregular play and told the player the casino’s security department would have to analyze all of the bets.  After a month passed, the casino called the player and tried to negotiate out of the amount owed.

The player was willing to accept 80 percent and was refused.  He then asked for 50 percent but the casino would not pay that amount either.  Heroes Casino offered the player just 10 percent of his winnings.  The player refused.

Site management claimed the player used a betting pattern.  The player stated that his betting pattern was the Martingale system.  This is where a player bets larger after a loss in an attempt to bail himself out of losses.  It is hardly something that can be considered a betting pattern.  In fact, it typically makes it nearly impossible for a player to win as the goal is simply to get back to even.

Heroes Casino then blamed its casino software provider, Galewind Software, of spreading rigged games.  There was never any evidence of this.  Heroes Casino and Galewind parted ways shortly after this incident.

Galewind Software came to the rescue.  It paid the player in full.  This is quite refreshing considering online casino software companies like Microgaming and Real Time Gaming often refuse to get involved in disputes where players get stiffed.

Heroes Casino closed in 2010.  Sports Book Review reported player complaints attributed to nonpayment totaled at least $76,000.  There was hope that the casino would get bailed out by a respected online gaming company.  That never happened.

Heroes Casino Returns as JSSports

As it became obvious that Heroes Casino was broke, a site using the same template appeared by the name of JSSports.  Players were suspicious and discovered this site had links to Heroes Casino on it.  It seems this discovery prevented players from getting conned again.