Online Casino Advantages

The excitement of online gaming spread across the globe last decade.  There are many reasons for this.

Convenience makes online casinos a big draw for players.  There is no having to sit in traffic or stopping to fill up with gas when playing slots, video poker or blackjack online.  There is also no reason to hit the ATM and pay those ridiculous fees.  In fact, there is no cost involved with most deposit options.

Once a deposit is made, the draw of internet casinos becomes even clearer.  The choice of games is much better.  There are dozens and even hundreds of slot games.  More video poker games may be found online.  The stakes are usually lower, too.  Video poker denominations usually start at a nickel.  Some casinos even have pennies.  You do not have to search for the machine with the right limits and games.  These are all right at your fingertips on your home computer.  If one game gets boring, simply close it and move to the next one without getting out of your seat.

The pay tables are also much better at online casinos than in live ones.  Virtually every casino site has full pay video poker games.  These games return 99-99.5%.  Those video poker machines on the Las Vegas Strip usually return only 97 or 98%, and that is if you are betting five coins.  Since most Las Vegas video poker machines start at the quarter denomination that is $1.25 per hand.

Table games are the real bonus when it comes to online casinos.  The bet limits start at just $1.  The rules are also much more favorable.  Most online casinos spread at least one roulette game with just one zero.  Most live roulette games are double zero.  Online blackjack always pays 3-2 on a natural.  Las Vegas Strip games often pay 6-5.  That adds 1.39% to the house advantage.  Players also earn cash comps while playing table games over the Internet.  Live casinos will usually only comp overpriced meals and hotels.

Game speeds are much faster at online casinos.  You can play a blackjack hand every few seconds online.  Live games tend to deal just one hand a minute.  There is no having to wait for other players to make decisions or for the deck to get shuffled.  Live casinos have to worry about space to house all of their table games.  That is not an issue with ones played on the Internet.  That is why there are so many table game options available at casino sites that are not found at the local casino.

Live casinos do not usually offer bonuses to walk in the door.  Online casinos fight hard to draw new players.  This gives players the ability to claim bonuses from hundreds of casino sites and shop for the best ones available.  Most bonuses apply to slot players, but there are also some decent ones for table games and video poker.  The bonus is always awarded upfront so it may be played with immediately.  This gives more play for your dollar.  Most live casinos only start offering bonuses to players once their play has been evaluate.

The casino environment is not something many players enjoy.  Ever sat next to the guy at the blackjack table smoking a cheap cigar? What about the one that spilled his drink all over the table? Don’t you hate parking 10 minutes from the casino?  You do not have to worry about any of this when playing online casino games.

The best value, widest game selections and lowest limits are available.  There is no reason to leave the house to enjoy the thrill of a few hours of gambling.